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CLUB LAVALAND is a hang out space for different subcultures and scenes around the world to link up.


Like many artists who've emerged from London's underground creative scene, I often think about how 30/40 years ago there were so many more IRL spaces like queer dive bars, squat ran rave venues, or just DIY smoky settings where creatives would travel from all over to have a good time and as a result: different cultures collided... history was made.


A lot of these spaces where I live are either under attack or no longer exist . But even if it seems like every time a space that is made by the people for the people pops up and shuts down in the blink of an eye - nothing is stopping us from creating a space by us for us. 

Lavaland starts in our online hangout room for likeminded people to chat, swap references and have a giggle. In the long run I want us all to be able to kick it in real life and know that wherever you are on the planet, there will always be one of us to make moves with. 

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